Podcast // Episode 2: Campus Carry, Death Threats at the Capitol

First podcast on my campus carry story! You can also read it here: http://www.foxreno.com/news/news/local/emotions-run-high-both-sides-campus-carry-debate/nXCkx/


On today’s Weekly Round-Up, we learn more about the emotionally-charged debate over the campus carry bill from Wednesday, as well as the death threats aimed toward Assemblywoman Lucy Flores on Thursday following her statements regarding the abortion she had as a teenager. This episode features Nevada Media Alliance reporter Molly J. Moser and senior editor Jeri Chadwell, with additional audio contributions by Stephanie Glantz.

For related coverage, check out: Emotions Run High on Both Sides of Campus Carry Debate and Assemblywoman Receives Death Threats After Opening Up About Her Abortion.

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I’ve successfully reported the very first half of the legislative session and have been through quite a lot. The majority of the experiences are good and quite silly and I would like to share them with you. Not a lot of people get to witness what’s behind the curtains of a Nevada Media Alliance reporter. Here, I share my experiences, in no particular order including: my efforts, encounters, and outcomes all while reporting for the Nevada Legislature.

  • My first real experience: Write a compelling article about a passionate protestor who is completely against the Nevada government.
  • Do some research on the passionate protestor and find out that the public has five restraining orders against him. Therefore, for journalism-student’s own safety, your exciting story had to be dropped.
  • Become an active tweeter and then accidently misspell or mix up information in one’s tweet.
  • Realize that you need to…

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