About Me

P1040768I’m Molly J. Moser, and I love stories. 

I’m the kind of college student that enjoys staying at home on (most) Friday nights alone playing video games, guitar, jumping on my trampoline or writing. I have a severe case of wanderlust, a desire to travel around the world and I want to write about my adventures. I enjoy writing about my discoveries and experiences on life, and I like to share it with those who haven’t perceived them yet. With my writing, I hope to teach my readers something different and new. While I’m at it, I’m learning and practicing my writing as well.

My blog posts contain a mixture of reflections on narrative tales, serious and objective news articles, how-tos, advice and personal experiences consisting of my hobbies and fascinations — my “journalischick” (almost sounds like journalistic) views. 

I’m a senior at the University of Nevada, Reno studying print, online and narrative journalism with a minor in fictional writing. My goal in life is to deliver credible yet engaging news to the young adult audience of today’s generation. With my writing, I want to inspire, teach and report to the youthful audience about today’s issues while providing a voice that will capture their interest.

During my freshman year at UNR in 2010, the dean of the Reynolds School of Journalism chose me, along with two other students, to report on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington, D.C. You can read our articles here.

I covered the 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature in 2013 as a part of the Nevada Media Alliance. In May 2012, I interned as a reporter for CarsonNow.org, an online newspaper until August 2012. Then, I began my job as a News Editor at The Nevada Sagebrush, UNR’s student newspaper, until November 2012.

Currently, I’m an intern reporter for the Reno Gazette-Journal’s Reno Rebirth, a blog about the city’s economic recovery.

I have a fascination with death and outer space, so I like to study those subjects as a hobby. I often wonder what’s outside of this planet, beyond our Solar System. I think I tend to study it a lot since I work at Fleischmann Planetarium on campus — and I sure do enjoy it.

After I graduated from high school, I worked at a funeral home over the summer and prepared bodies for funerals; I have some insight on what “life” is like for the dead. Sometime in the future, along with my journalism career, I hope to attend mortuary school and become a funeral director.

You can contact and follow me at:

Twitter: @mollyjmoser

E-mail: mmolly@charter.net

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